Tailored events

From $2,800 including GST*

A day out with us is one of the best staff engagement programmes available. With over 10 years’ experience we know how to have a good time and make it easy and fun for all involved. We get you out into nature and connect you with the issues that Aotearoa is facing around plastic in the environment and pollution in our waterways. We provide education, awareness and solutions that you can take back to your everyday life to help you be more sustainable tomorrow than you are today. It’s good for nature and it’s good for your own well being.

We deliver full planning and implementation and cover all health and safety requirements. We provide all equipment, first-aid kits, optional catering, drinks, transport. Following the event, you’ll receive branded results, a follow-up listing on our website and event photos.

We look forward to hosting you and having a fun day out. If you’d like to enquire about an event with us, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

*Costs vary depending on your requirements (e.g. number of attendees, catering and transport required). Fill in the form with your requirements and we’ll contact you with further information.

Supported events

Clean-ups only. From $575 including GST*

If you’re keen to run a team-building event with us, but don’t need us to coordinate the clean-up itself, a supported event may be the way to go. We’ll provide all the necessary equipment and present our Love Your Coast talk to your team at a chosen location along with a planning session and safety briefing

Equipment provided includes: reusable rubbish sacks and gloves, sharps container, hand sanitiser, auditing tarpaulin and data collection sheet and safety briefing. We can provide litter removal at an additional cost.

*Costs vary depending on your event timing and location. Please contact fletcher@sustainablecoastlines.org (Auckland) or oliver@sustainablecoastlines.org (Wellington) for a quote.

Tailored event request form

To enquire about running an event with Sustainable Coastlines, please fill in this form.