Our mission

Sustainable Coastlines is a registered New Zealand charity. We’re on a mission to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love. We love our coasts and waterways and we work with our sleeves rolled up to keep them healthy and beautiful. 

We deliver coastal clean-up events, educational programmes, public awareness campaigns, and riparian planting projects. We also work with volunteers, interns, ambassadors and local community groups to enable them to deliver these activities in their own communities. 

Check out our three core programmes; Love Your Coast, Love Your Water and Litter Intelligence for more detail on how we look after our coastlines and waterways.

Our vision

Beautiful Beaches

We love our coasts and oceans and want them litter free. We clean up beaches and deliver education to prevent litter, particularly single-use plastics.

Healthy Waters

Our rivers need our help. We restore waterways by planting trees, educating people on the problems facing freshwater, and enabling communities to scale-up local solutions.

Inspired People

People created the challenges we face and people must solve them. We use inspiring events, behaviour-focused education and training to enable people to look after the places they love.

Our programmes